Why We Must Get Along: Biblical Reconciliation Part 2

Charles E. Morgan, MSW, M.Div.


Jesus Christ hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation”…2 Corinthians 5:19   Reconciled means to bring into agreement or harmony; to restore to communion; to restore to friendship, compatibility Paul informs us that God first reconciled His Saints to Himself! Then He entrusted us with the “ministry of reconciliation”, to “reconcile the world to himself!” In order to be reconciled with God, we must first “be reconciled” with one another. Only then can we be effective ambassadors to the world. I find the 2014 international theme of the Church of God in Christ somewhat provocative: “We are called to minister and witness to a deeply distressed and troubled world,” It points to the “ministry of reconciliation” that God “hath given to us.” God has reconciled us to Himself and charged us to do the work assigned us in both the Great Commission in Matt 28: 16-20 and in Acts 1:8, in both of which passages Christ’s Church is called to seriously be about the ministry of “reconciliation,” evangelizing, harmonizing, restoring the world to God.

 What better time than during the liturgical season of Advent (coming) to focus and reflect on reconciliation. Advent is the first of the seven seasons on the ecclesiastical calendar, which always begins four Sundays before Christmas Day. Advent is when we celebrate God’s visit to the earth as the Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, God with us. What a wonderful mandate we have, to witness to the deeply distressed and troubled world in which we live. God has given us a charge worthy of our LORD; a mandate to be ambassadors, reconciling humanity to its Creator. And O how desperately the world needs reconciliation to its Creator! The list of examples is inexhaustible. We find evidence of the need for true reconciliation all over the planet.

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Biblical Reconciliation Part 2

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