Why OJ Simpson May Never Be Free

Leonard Lovett, Ph. D

The Mark Fuhrman Tapes Revealed, a special on CNN Friday, July 21 has to be factored into the OJ Simpson drama.“ Professor Laura McKinney a researcher had recorded Fuhrman between 1985 and 1994. The tapes include all kinds of racist slurs, police brutality, use of the N_____ word toward black suspects, misogynist slurs toward female cops reference to “planting evidence” (the glove) at the murder site.

During my seventeen year stint as a pastor at Crossroads, Peniel COGIC in the Watts area I knew that bad police behavior was a fact, but was always partially under wraps. I actually went to a precinct station to complain about a brutal beating of a brother one Sunday evening. The captain looked at me as though I was from Mars. I worked as a Crisis Liason to Mayor Bradley’s office with Dr. “Chip” Murray, then First AME Church. Two friends who worked as LAPD officers kept me informed as to ongoing issues and bad police behavior. It is believed that the “planted glove” blew the case for Mark Fuhrman.

Read Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness, to understand the impact of racism within the Criminal Justice System.

When three quarters of the global village (non-whites) are dominated by one third (whites), racism (white supremacy} is revealed as one of, if not the most important observable phenomenon in the world today for which social, behavioral and all other scientists should be seeking an explanation.”  Quote from the preface of The Isis Papers: The Key to the Colors by the Psychiatrist and Scholar, the late Dr. Francis Cress Welsing. (a must read)

The prime time televising of the formal release of OJ Simpson from the Nevada Prison was the charade and PR scam of the decade and was more about our failed system that thrives on media play for the death of White America’s prizes than anything else. Now that a white female has been shot by a cop in Minnesota we will watch with bated breath for the outcome. Late night talk shows had a feast and saw the OJ scenario as somewhat of a comedy.

The Optics of OJ having won the trial in the 1994 case for the death of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman in Brentwood Los Angeles California resides in our collective memory. The legal skill of Johnny Cochran’s team and the testimony of a rabid, sexist, racist detective, Mark Fuhrman proved too much for the American psyche. Recall that 14 year old Emmett Till was lynched because of the false testimony of the wife of one of the perpetrators and recanted her statement that he “wolf whistled” at her. I was disappointed that CNN legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin attempted to slam Simpson for his abuse of Nicole prior to her death based on her many calls for help.

What about the countless numbers of Black women abused, murdered and denigrated constantly without an outcry. The criminal justice system in Nevada overcharged OJ in the robbery case for attempting to retrieve his personal icons and forced him to serve 9 years. Many legal analyst believe 5 years not 9 would have been fair. In the court of public opinion the Nevada case was linked to the 1994 case and OJ will never be free. He is going to be set up, harassed and humiliated in every conceivable way possible. If he sneezes without covering his nose…they will pounce on him. There is a sense in which OJ will never be free.  

 White heroes are praised for their ability to afford the best legal teams and wiggle out of cases that are seemingly impossible. The irony is that the media focus was partially on the Oval Office where the president was indirectly threatening Attorney General Jim Sessions and FBI Chief Robert Mueller to avoid looking at his family finances in their investigation of the Russian collusion case as Spicer, his Press Secretary rode off into the sunset.

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