Welcome to Owensville: Home of the Forty-Seven Percent

(From the 2012 Presidential Debate)

Meet the Mayor of this town, the Reverend William (Bill) Owens, Director of the African-American Alliance of Pastors (CAAP) a group that appears every four years to denounce democrats. This town shares adjoining city limits with Romneyville where the three (3%) of plutocrats live. As a member of the academy I believe in defining term. A plutocracy is a government or state where the wealthy class rules by exercising power and/or influence. Perhaps the Mayor of Owensville doesn’t know that the Mayor of Romneyville threw him and his little town under the bus when he was video-taped live thrashing the forty- seven (47%) at a Romneyville small town hall gathering. Or maybe, it does not matter since he holds his gatherings every four (4) years concurrent with elections. The Mayor may have provided a reference for the Mayor of Romneyville through one of these powerful groups such as the Arlington Group loaded with plutocrats.

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