October 14, 2016
Leonard Lovett, Ph. D

man-in-bondage_edited-2-1“Be a member of this group or that denomination, but do not belong to it…belong to Christ. The group or denomination belongs to you; you do not belong to it.”  ESJ-  The Way. Brothers and Sisters in the faith the time has come to make this declaration clear without getting it twisted. We should belong to Jesus Christ, the Lord of the church as servants of a “Kingdom that not only will not be shaken, but cannot be shaken.” Hebrews 11: 28. A Bishop recently told me that a Minister from another denomination told him that “they used to look up to us for inspiration and guidance…unfortunately they are now looking at us on the internet with shame.”  The admonition quoted above are the words of the late Eli Stanley Jones, United Methodist Missionary to India for over a half century. Unfortunately, COGIC has become hostage to a leadership that has misled us  for quite sometime.  I am prepared to take the risk of exposing my own struggles and inadequacies in order to rescue us from a denomination that has become increasingly dictatorial and woefully authoritarian. Where are the so-called prophetic voices? They are either bought out, scared, silent or doing fundraisers called Revivals.

    By the way I have been warned to do an Elijah and go hide in a cave until the crisis pass over. In addition to being a child of the King I have too much of my father’s DNA with Cherokee Nation on my mother’s side. A relative told me that whatever my grandfather did to the slave-master they are still looking for him.  I buried cowardice decades ago. I learned from the best. Bishop Richard Eugene Ranger from Ft. Worth Texas was one of my mentors. I recently warned that Armageddon has come to COGIC. Some of our leaders not only have failed to protect us from scandal, but have brought “reproach” upon the name of our God who alone is holy.  Leadership is pre-occupied with getting re-elected for another term. I read somewhere that “we become whatever we worship.”  Idolatry is at the center of our Church. There have been no calls for prayer and fasting for God to intervene.  Traditional calls for prayer will not work at this time.

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  • ++ Wayne Felton on April 27, 2017 at 1:21 pm said:

    Dr. Lovett:

    Your message, although pointedly penned (as an astute polemicist) towards your beloved brethren in COGIC, posses trans-denomination effect in substance. We’re all under the conviction of your diction, for most of us (leaders) have proudly deemed all prepositions to be similar in definition whereas; ‘to’ and ‘from’ beg distinguishing in light of your article. It’s evident that your mind is bathed in Scripture and sound theology, oiled with the balm of justice coupled with a prophetic rigor.

    “We belong to Christ” is so simple yet its profundity shatters the shallow notion that the Church’s ontology is authoritarian rule and her identity altogether is belonging unto her membership. We’re to be ruled by Christ BECAUSE we belong to Him whereas the Church is the gathering of those who belong–seeking ways to synergistically promulgate His rule in the earth. Herein lies the Kingdom of God, evident in your article yet meticulously hidden within the corpus of the wisdom of every line.

    Thank you for this much needed article, a clarion call to Christian leaders to reconsider their esoteric motives in Ministry. GOD Bless you!

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