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Guidelines for Submitting Commentary to the Blog

The mandate of the Agora Blog is to provide definitive critical commentary in 1,000 to 1,200 words about past or contemporary events, issues that impact our faith. It must be precise in language, informative and challenging in style as well as solution oriented .If the commentary is below par the Chief Editor will exercise discretion and judgment whether to do minor editing and framing the submission or reject same.

We suggest the dialectical approach to writing where you begin with an issue or problem that constitutes the real in the opening paragraph. State the ideal in the next section of the commentary. Solve the problem in the final portion which is the synthesis and conclusion

Back up your statements with facts and solid data. Make sure the reader is more informed after reading your commentary than prior to reading your submission. Nouns and verbs are preferable over adjectives. Write with a simplistic style that anyone can comprehend .Be the definitive source as you report rather than create the news.

Write a dynamic headline and introduction that get the attention of the reader. Research your topic and spend quality time crafting the context. Short commentary is more difficult to write than long. Find good anecdotes and selective quotes to enhance your submission.

We will not reprint your commentary for proprietary reasons or without permission Commentary to be published must be received by Wednesday of the weekend to be published.

Leonard Lovett, Ph. D Chief Editor

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