Keeping the Story Straight: A Response to the Marvin McMickle Interview

Dr. Marvin McMickle may I congratulate you on your ascendency to the presidency of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. I read with interest your August interview title These un-united states: A civil rights veteran on politics, power and God, by Tim Louis Macaluso and Mary Anna Towler in the Rochester city paper in Rochester, New York. As a graduate of Crozer Theological Seminary 62’ I am compelled to respond to the post. Dr. McMickle, you discussed a plethora of problems, issues and concerns that affect many of us during these challenging times. Then you leveled a critique of Pentecostal churches with a focus on COGIC in particular, of which I am a member. Please know that I am not averse to criticism of any kind when it is grounded. You ruminated about your journey as a veteran of the Civil Rights era and chided younger persons for their lack of sensitivity for what is happening today. In 1961 during a high point in the Civil Rights era you were approximately twelve (12) years old. You were approximately seventeen (17) years old when you met Dr. King in 1966 in Chicago and nineteen (19) at his demise in 1968. I would be interested to find out more about your arrest with Dr. Abernathy. To fully contextualize your critique would indeed give much more credence to the rest of your amazing journey.

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