:                                                     August 16, 2016

                  Leonard Lovett, Ph. D


Dear Wayne (or, if you prefer, The Reverend Dr. Grudem):

    We have never met in person, though I visit Phoenix once a year to preach for a vibrant, thriving ministry. I have never formally been invited to Phoenix Seminary, I have stopped by anonymously to visit a class or two and enjoyed the experience. I am known in some circles to be a preacher and teacher of ministers over several decades. While I am somewhat in awe of your bearing the burden of breaking the news of Why Voting for Donald Trump is a Morally Good Choice (see Townhall, July 28, 2016), it is very interesting. While we bear a similar interest in ethics and theology, I would welcome the opportunity to talk theo-ethical political shop with you. Given the seriousness of this forthcoming presidential election, it appears you’ve got your hands full after your published stance.

      Wayne, you raised several valid points as to the value of voting for a flawed candidate if that person can do the most good for the nation. You state that you even spoke against Donald trump at a Pastors Conference but has gone full circle and has endorsed him as a good moral choice. You clearly reject the “Boy Scout Approach” to politics, i.e. a candidate should be morally pure in order to lead the nation. A purist may not necessarily make a good President. In the last six decades we had several presidents who were flawed morally but whose political accomplishment were profound and shaped the future of our nation. Then you come back and employ a hermeneutic of suspicion when you view Donald as the best candidate and view Hillary as evil. Are you doing this on the basis of your strong belief about gender issues? Does Donald’s misogynistic views carry weighty implications for the presidency in a pluralistic nation? Wayne, remember, you must also overlook Hillary’s flaws the same as you do Donald’s if she is just as qualified for the task.  Wayne I am a Black African-American theologian-ethicist who gets nervous when any proposed leader speaks loudly about walls to keep people out and further denigration of persons who are already here because of their religious beliefs. I have bad dreams of a 450 year sojourn in this nation of bondage and slavery where voter registration is still being tampered with. Yet Donald promises not to change because he is representative of scores of people who are stymied by the same old tactics that have been employed by Conservatives. In the last two Presidential elections it was Marriage and Abortion. This time Conservatives cannot trust a candidate who cannot keep her email server intact, Therefore! Therefore! Therefore!

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