When God Hooks a Brother Up

 Dr. Leonard Lovett, Ph.D

Micah 6:8 He hath showed thee O man what is good, and what is good and what doth the Lord require, but to do justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.”

I am led to simply challenge soul brothers to Maximize their Potential. My target audience is Black African-American brothers. I am radically following Jesus of Nazareth who according to the writer of John, “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not, but as many as received Him to them gave he power to become the sons of God.” John 1:11-12.  

 In Christology it is called Jewish particularism. Jesus started with His own Jewish ethnic group. Then He went to the universal (“but as many as received Him”). Before we attempt to go universal, let’s begin with the particular…our house. As a race we have listened to too many voices attempting to define us and make us who they want us to be. It is a form of mental enslavement. When it comes to Brothers it appears that we are losing the war. One must engage in multiple battles in order to win the war. Whenever I can engage a brother in conversation, my goal is to make sure he knows and understand you do not have to become who the mass media has predicted you to become. Black men are denigrated and yet imitated. Others fear our strength… now let them fear our person-hood in God. In Part 11, I project seven (7) Manhood challenges.

Part I    Twenty-five (25) Important Manhood Challenging Questions

  1. Do you love God supremely?
  2. Do you love people?
  3. Do you genuinely love your family?
  4. Do you authentically love your church?
  5. Do you take an annual physical exam?
  6. Are you the leader in your family?
  7. Have you set short term and long range goals?
  8. Have you prioritized your goals? Educational and Career goals?
  9. Do you have family discussions at times other than a crisis? Prayer?
  1. Are you a good steward of money?
  2. Do you have money conflicts in your family?
  3. Do you understand what constitutes conflict?
  4. Are you too busy to demonstrate love to people who are near?
  5. Have you developed strategies and set boundaries for your personal life? Family?
  6. How do you handle resistance to your authority?
  7. Do you know the relationship between example and authority?
  8. How do you handle disunity and disloyalty in your circle?
  9. Have you ascertained why people do not cooperate when you expect?
  1. Are you a control person? Can one be in control without being controlling?
  1. Do you have daily private devotions?
  2. Are you willing to take risks to grow as a person?
  3. Can you handle criticism?
  4. Can others disagree with you without affecting their relationship with you?
  5. Do you have a potential Sampson in you? Judges 16: 18 f

Sitting in a church does not make a man a Christian any more than sitting in a hen house makes a man a hen.”   E. Stanley Jones in    Growing Spiritually

The Biblical Mandate:  1 Corinthians 4: 1-2– (JB) “People must think of us as Christ servants entrusted with the mysteries of God.  What is expected of stewards is that each one should be found worthy of this trust.”


  1. BROTHERS KNOW WHO YOU ARE (Identity) 1 John 3:2  CHRISTIAN 

▪   Self-knowledge is the key to empowerment    Proverbs 1: 7ff

▪   If you know who you are culturally no one can define you

▪   If you know who you are spiritually no one can destroy you

▪   Loving God supremely is the key to maximizing your potential

  1. BROTHERS BE A PRIEST IN YOUR HOME (Security) 1 Timothy 3:5

▪   As a leader, learn to submit to each other

▪   As a provider, make sure basic necessities are in place

▪   As a protector, provide a sense of security for household

  1. BROTHERS BE A PRIEST TO OTHERS (Covering) 1 Peter 2: 5

▪   Be willing to heal and restore broken relationships

▪   Be tolerant (Matt 7:1) the very person we judge may be favored by God

▪  Brothers must be willing to tell others what they do not want to hear in love

  1. BROTHERS PLEASE WALK IN INTEGRITY (Integrity) Proverbs 11:3

▪   Take charge of your feelings and be willing to admit mistakes

▪   Be resolute and refuse to be drawn into conflict by others

▪   Be honest, sowing and reaping is a part of divine order

  1. BROTHERS MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE (Responsible) Proverbs 8: 20

▪   Think of discipline as learning and not punishment

▪   Be willing to be accountable as you hold others accountable

▪   Submit to leadership

  1. BROTHERS MUST WALK IN MATURITY (Maturity) Hebrews 6:1

▪    Perfection is the biblical name for maturity

▪    Spiritual discipline leads to maturity

▪    Holiness and the Spirit-filled life is the goal Heb. 12:14 –  Eph. 5:18


▪    What does God require of us

▪    Be a living sacrifice to God Romans 12:1

▪    Acceptable to God

A Concluding Word:  It is time for us who perceive ourselves as Fathers in the faith to “pass the baton” to young future leaders so that they will go beyond our accomplishments. In oppressed communities of color throughout this land we cannot tolerate not even one more unlawful shooting of another brother. Brothers we can ill afford the tragedy of killing each other. There is no perfect Church on earth. Look for a Church that is Kingdom oriented and Christocentric and not people-centered. As radical followers of Jesus Christ we are called to “pierce the darkness” in a troubled world. It it past time for brothers to take their rightful place in this society, in this land that we labored to build. This is our time and this is our season.

“Have a funeral service and bury your old dead words and attitudes and put a no resurrection sign over them – E. Stanley Jones   in Growing Spiritually

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Dr. Leonard Lovett, COGIC, theologian, ethicistEcumenical Officer, emeritus


Leonard Lovett, Ph. D

“Preaching is a vertical radical encounter between the living Lord and the bearer of the spoken word translated into meaning, charged with eternal destiny, borne by those who are willing to risk the scandal of the Gospel for those who have been brutalized by life’s uncertainties.” – Lovett

As an eventful process the message must remain under constant revision and never a finished product. That is why an authentic message develops as it is delivered and as new revelation and insights come. Preaching during the twenty-first century must always be vertical for God to encounter His creation through word and deed in a troubled world. In Mark 1: 14ff “Now after that John was put into prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.”  After just over a half century of preaching I am convinced that the only Gospel that Jesus proclaimed was the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Gospel when radically preached will challenge and question systems, structures and values that oppress people and make for inhumane living.

The authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a sedative or pill for pain. It is not a mask to change one’s complexion or a sachet to improve one’s odor. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is dynamite…and at the same time life-saving and life-changing. In the tradition of Jesus may I strongly suggest that your preaching be Kingdom oriented. The Greek word for Kingdom is basilea = reign of God. We are preaching to people who are in captivity to  idols and values that oppose the Creator and make mockery of faith. A full orbed Gospel will bring under judgment systems, idols and values that oppose the reign of God. To be effective may I suggest a few ideas that will enable you to formulate a methodology for preaching.  What you do in your preaching workshop will be reflected in the pulpit. Give due diligence to preparation.

  1. Preaching is fundamentally story telling discursive discourse. Elie Wiesel, 1983 Nobel Prize winner once stated, “God created man because He loves stories.” Find a book on the art and theory of story telling. This will help you focus on the One Story, Jesus Christ in the midst of other stories.
  2. Develop the ability to read widely and selectively. This will prevent you from running on empty while delivering a message. Read poetry, science and anything that will widen your frame of reference.
  3. Discern the role of Scripture in preaching. It is important to take the Bible seriously but not literally in every instance. This will prevent you from allowing your opinion to dominate the discourse. Preaching is God’s word to humankind, handle it as such.
  4. Know the difference between a theme and a subject. A theme is the “big idea” of the entire discourse. It is a timeless truth worth remembering from beginning to end of your discourse. Always preach to a concern. A theme is the glue that holds everything together. g. “This leads to the warning, that no one can persistently flirt with evil and win.” From my sermon, titled “Sleeping with the Enemy.”  Make sure the sermon title is provocative. The sermon title or subject is “Sleeping with the Enemy” which is different from the warning which embodies the theme.
  5. A sermon should be contemporaneous. Focused study will enable you to translate the ancient language of scripture to twenty-first century economic, social and political problems facing us today.
  6. A Sermon should be a call to action. As you conclude your sermonic discourse you must query whether hearers are ready to act on the imperatives of the Gospel challenge? Listen and observe the challenges the people are experiencing so your message can “scratch where the listeners are itching.”
  7. A Sermon should be delivered under the unction of the Spirit and power. I suggest the dialectical approach to preaching as espoused by Dr. Samuel Proctor in his How Shall They Hear: Effective Preaching for Vital Faith. He suggests that you start the sermon with the 1. Antithesis (real) problem or concern Transition to the Thesis (Ideal) (Scripture as solution) 3. Synthesis –Conclusion – how the ideal connects with the real with two or three minor points and a conclusion.  This method is x-rayed in my small book Crockpot Preaching: Toward a Preaching Methodology, which is only available in e-Reader format on Amazon Kindle and will be available again in hard cover by August  at dr.lovett@theagora.net.

Conclusion: Discern your audience and know the occasion. Avoid preaching at a banquet. It is appropriate to give a dynamic address at a formal banquet, rather than a formal sermon. There are rules to observed for pulpit etiquette. Preaching is not grabbing a microphone, find your key and raving and ranting at the top of your voice as though the audience has a hearing problem. That is closer to singing. Preaching is not entertainment unless you intend to avoid challenging your audience. Preaching is not stringing together good sounding phrases and worn out cliché’s and platitudes from your favorite TV preacher all  by “tired touch your neighbor and high five two people near you.”. What about “leave your neighbor alone so your neighbor can hear.” Please do not listen to anyone attempting to teach preaching who is not trained.  Preaching at its best is designed to achieve maximum impact on the hearer.  Remember preaching is an act of worship and not a solo event. You should not replace Jesus Christ as the center of preaching discourse.

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Dr. Leonard Lovett, Ecumenical Officer, emeritus

An Open letter to the President to…Make America Honorable Again

 Leonard Lovett, Ph.D


Dear Mr. President:

The executive order banning persons from seven Muslim dominant countries not only violates a 1965 anti-discrimination law but violates their rights to Due Process and Equal Protection guaranteed by the United States Constitution, a matter to be fully litigated in the Federal courts. If this ban is enacted on the basis of religious discrimination even though you gave preference to Syrian Christians, it may be a prologue to you imposing the same limitations on the  Faith Communities in this nation on impulse.  I am categorically for inclusion in the “salad bowl” of pluralistic America which is no longer a “melting pot.” Any form of ignorance, discrimination and prejudice are the blood supply of racism. Dissent makes democracy necessary in any democratic republic.

Please pardon the format of this open letter to you as you experience your first ten (10) days in office. I am bound by conscience not to congratulate you on your ascendancy to the White House since most Americans did not vote for you. Your presidency is the consequence of a broken system that is badly in need of repair because it does not fairly represent the voice of the people in a republic with a democratic ideal.  Let’s get passed the banter to my real concern. I am writing as a preacher of the Gospel, a trained theologian-ethicist and leader within the largest Holiness-Pentecostal denomination in the nation. I spent close to two decades as a teacher of ethics with a focus on Faith and Politics for nearly two decades at several prominent seminaries. I studied at Morehouse College, Crozer Theological Seminary with a Ph. D  (1979) from Emory University Candler Graduate School of Theology in ethics and society

In the academies I was taught that  wisdom is the use of good judgment combined with the ability to raise the right questions, which derives from the Socratic approach to gaining knowledge. It appears that you have done the opposite throughout your campaign and into the presidency by providing the solution before the question.  Your promise to “Make America Great Again”  is based on a false premise. As a history major at Morehouse College I went back to make sure that the historical narrative was correct and tried to find a time-line to coincide with your theme.


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Right Church…Wrong Call…An Uncertain Sound

ichabodLeonard Lovett, Ph. D


Monday, October 31, 2016 has proven to be momentous in the life of the Church of God in Christ. The Chairman of the General Assembly, Bishop James Hunt transitioned to his eternal reward, an event that has left most of us numb. His unique spirit, voice and contribution will be greatly missed at a time when special leadership is urgently needed. In the meanwhile, an unrelated prayer tele-conference call scheduled by the Chairman of the Board of Bishops, John Sheard was initiated. It was reported that a strange interruption took place and the tele-conference had to be terminated. My tentative conclusion is that the call was made in the right church at a questionable moment.

  Mr. Chairman, I must ask a daunting question. Why did you call a general prayer meeting one week before the Convocation? It appears ironic that you have served three terms (12 years) and has never called a prayer meeting. Has it dawned on you that a general prayer call will not fix our situation. We need massive repentance. You are reputed to be a leader of a large number of Bishops, but guilty of making the wrong call at the right time. Should you be praying for forgiveness for committing malfeasance/misfeasance in the case of the Bishop from New Mexico who was given a pass and is bringing reproach to the name of God and His Church? God cannot be mocked. You have given an uncertain sound through your leadership style. Our church needs stability and trusted leadership.

“If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” (KJV) “And if the army bugler doesn’t play the right notes, how will the soldiers know that they are being called to battle?” (LBV)

     Mr. Chairman, a call for repentance in a church where holiness has been de-railed would bring pleasure to God. Once repentance (Greek metanoia)- “change of heart, change of mind and change of direction” takes place, as leaders you will begin to demand justice. Throughout the Old Testament, the giving of sacrifices-burnt offerings was linked to the doing of justice. If you are praying without meting justice, it is possible that your prayer can become sin. Proverbs 28: 9– “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.” (KJV) –“God doesn’t listen to the prayers of those who flout the law.” (LBV)  You may not like the mail carrier, but please read the mail. If you indict some people in the Board of Bishops supported by cronies, and allow people who are guilty of flagrant sins that demean and destroy people to walk free for political reasons, you will not escape the wrath of God. Your title, prestige and money means nothing in the face of almighty God. Hear God address this kind of unlawful behavior. Amos 5:21 “I hate your show and pretense…your hypocrisy of honoring me with your religious feasts and solemn assemblies…I will not look at your offerings of peace…away with your hymns of praise, they are mere noise to my ears. I will not listen to your music, no matter how lovely it is…I want to see a mighty flood of justice…a torrent of doing good.”  Apart from justice, you can cancel the next prayer tele-conference.

           The shelf behind the door, The shelf behind the door,
           Tear it down and throw it out, Don’t use it anymore;
           For Jesus wants His Temple clean, From ceiling to the floor;
           He even wants that little shelf, That’s hid behind the door. –Author unknown

Remember, Anyone with charges pending regardless of title, name or rank should not be seeking a national office. We must follow our Constitution.!!!



                       ichabod2   Leonard Lovett, Ph.D

November 2016


I Samuel 3: 21  “And the Lord appeared again in Shiloh…for the Lord revealed himself to Samuel in Shiloh by the word of the Lord.” The text implies that God had been away.

Moffatt translates this verse to read: “Once more the Eternal was to be seen at Shiloh.”

The very context of this passage pre-supposes that there had been gray days through which God had not been seen. The reality is that God was never absent. He was not seen because of the idols that blinded people from seeing the visible and invisible God. In our humanity we create so much stuff such as religiosity and symbolic inauthentic worship that God becomes to us as if He were distant or as if He were dead. The people said to Aaron, “up, make us gods which shall go before us; for as for this Moses….we know not what is become of him.” When Moses died, God withdrew because all they could see was in the personality of their great leader. Three centuries later, God returned. With the arrival of Samuel, the Lord “appeared again at Shiloh.”

  I see a parallel for COGIC. I am opposed to this divisive, Godless political system of campaigning, borrowed from other denominations that has prevented us from experiencing the fellowship with each other and the fullness of the Holy Ghost. Will the Lord appear again in COGIC?  Our feigned worship consisting of fake “praise breaks” and multiple fads will not bring God back. You can have so many meetings that you can meet yourself coming from meetings, but that will not bring God back. In fact meetings have become the perfect place to “avoid God.” Our meetings have become “fund raising and social gatherings” with little or no room to celebrate the God who created us. The text supports the premise that God walked out for three centuries after the death of Moses and gave the people what they asked for until they came to understand who they really needed.

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Why Bishop Blake Must Take His Own Medicine


Leonard Lovett, Ph.D

Dear COGIC Family:

In 1999, a General Board Member testified under oath in Orlando Florida, on behalf of Superintendent D. Hutchins, in a case against then presiding Bishop CD Owens. “I testified that the presiding bishop was not like the Pope, because the Pope is elected for life, and the presiding bishop is elected for four years… The one responsible for upholding the Constitution of the Church is the foremost transgressor thereof. The one responsible for providing protection of the various constitutional entities of the church is the greatest threat to their existence and well being.” That General Board Member in 1999 was our present Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake. In his diatribe against Bishop Owens, Bishop Blake mentioned the Constitution sixteen (16) times.  Has Bishop Blake changed his mind in seventeen (17) years or is this a case of selective amnesia? I radically believe with conviction that it is time for Bishop Blake to “take his own medicine.”  This is about the violation of our Constitution. Bishop Blake excoriated Bishop Owens for violating the Constitution and not administering the church according to guidelines.  He opted for a church where people will feel safe. This document provoked Bishop Owens to overreact and cost him the election of 2000. It  all started because of Bishop Blake’s feigned undying loyalty to upholding the Constitution of the Church of God in Christ.  We feel the same commitment and loyalty you demonstrated and are compelled to challenge current leadership to uphold our Constitution without a double standard. (excerpt from How Long this Madness/ aka Why I Stood?) Why are we afraid to hold leadership accountable?

Bishop Blake likened the return of JD Ellis recently to a prodigal coming back home. However, a son does not return and lead the household as an advisor to the leader.  Bishop Blake is the only Presiding Bishop beside Bishop JO Patterson to receive Ellis. The presence of JD Ellis holding dual membership as head of an Apostolic Church and COGIC should be an embarrassment to every credential holder in the General Assembly. Our founding Chief Apostle Bishop C.H. Mason encountered the “Jesus Only” controversy in his day and openly challenged it. Bishop Blake appears to be accommodating this heresy. JD Ellis should have never been appointed Chief of Chaplain and Vetting Officer for the Church with access to the Pentagon without proper vetting protocol. Currently, if JD Ellis is charged with impersonation of a military officer or any other offense, our leadership will also be held accountable.

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October 14, 2016
Leonard Lovett, Ph. D

man-in-bondage_edited-2-1“Be a member of this group or that denomination, but do not belong to it…belong to Christ. The group or denomination belongs to you; you do not belong to it.”  ESJ-  The Way. Brothers and Sisters in the faith the time has come to make this declaration clear without getting it twisted. We should belong to Jesus Christ, the Lord of the church as servants of a “Kingdom that not only will not be shaken, but cannot be shaken.” Hebrews 11: 28. A Bishop recently told me that a Minister from another denomination told him that “they used to look up to us for inspiration and guidance…unfortunately they are now looking at us on the internet with shame.”  The admonition quoted above are the words of the late Eli Stanley Jones, United Methodist Missionary to India for over a half century. Unfortunately, COGIC has become hostage to a leadership that has misled us  for quite sometime.  I am prepared to take the risk of exposing my own struggles and inadequacies in order to rescue us from a denomination that has become increasingly dictatorial and woefully authoritarian. Where are the so-called prophetic voices? They are either bought out, scared, silent or doing fundraisers called Revivals.

    By the way I have been warned to do an Elijah and go hide in a cave until the crisis pass over. In addition to being a child of the King I have too much of my father’s DNA with Cherokee Nation on my mother’s side. A relative told me that whatever my grandfather did to the slave-master they are still looking for him.  I buried cowardice decades ago. I learned from the best. Bishop Richard Eugene Ranger from Ft. Worth Texas was one of my mentors. I recently warned that Armageddon has come to COGIC. Some of our leaders not only have failed to protect us from scandal, but have brought “reproach” upon the name of our God who alone is holy.  Leadership is pre-occupied with getting re-elected for another term. I read somewhere that “we become whatever we worship.”  Idolatry is at the center of our Church. There have been no calls for prayer and fasting for God to intervene.  Traditional calls for prayer will not work at this time.

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Leonard Lovett, Ph.D

My routine begins around 5:00 AM with prayer for my family, the church and the nation.  Several months ago I was worried about the future of the church. God challenged me with a question: “what is that in your hand?”…Only a pen. God said “use it.” And to sanctify myself before writing so that no flesh would glory in His sight. When I am at the computer, I can feel the strong presence of the Lord, Bishop CH Mason, Mother Roberson, Coffey, Bishop Jones, Crouch, Clemmons Dr. Mallory, et.al. encouraging me in spirit to press on. I struggled several days for a title. Then, I heard the Lord say through Micah 6: 2, that “He had a controversy (KJV), accusation, indictment (MLV), case, complaint (LBV) against His people. And He will prosecute them to the fullest and let the mountains and hills be called to witness the complaint.”  Finally, I am liberated. I have no “axe to grind” “no enemies to punish” and “no friends to reward.” My writing is based on difficult research and I do not publish hearsay.

 I understand that in a real sense every civil court is a court of last resort because neither party would be there if there was any other way to resolve the dispute or controversy. Once a plaintiff files a suit and the defendant understands that the plaintiff is really serious, a compromise could save time and court costs. A lawyer should only be contacted when either party feels that there is no other remedy for a wrong.  Before a lawyer is retained one must prepare for the case. Documentation must be assembled, facts must be verifiable, etc. With enough evidence a complaint (or petition) describing the circumstances will be drawn up, naming the defendant.  A summons is issued, the decision is made to negotiate or proceed. The decision is made on either a jury or a sitting judge. Sworn depositions (statements relative to the case) will usually be taken by both attorneys are given under oath. Both attorneys prepare a trial memorandum stating their view of the the case citing relevant laws, precedents, statutes etc. keeping in mind the appeals court.  A subpoena is issued commanding the witness to appear at the trial in order to give testimony. The final ruling is made by the judge.

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Is Blake Nearing His Waterloo?

September 2016


Let’s suppose it is a gorgeous “Indian Summer” day and the song of praise with an assist by the organist has just been sung at Sunday morning worship.  Without warning a group of men walk into your sanctuary displaying a letter invoking authority from Presiding Bishop Blake stating that they were sent to oust you. Based on eyewitness accounts that is precisely what happened. After listening with tears to the video tape account of Supt. Milton L. Joyner regarding the unlawful intrusion of the Pacific Mt. Olive COGIC by a goon squad of so-called ministers, I am still stunned. They indicated that they were from the (Metropolitan Jurisdiction of Southern California-Bishop J.B Hackworth) acting at the behest of Presiding Bishop C.E. Blake.  I had to shake myself to ask whether this was a scene from a Mafia movie.  They came to ransack and vandalize church property several times prior to this unfortunate event. Every card carrying credential holder in COGIC (Church of God in Christ) should either be up in arms, cautious or half scared about this kind of behavior. If left unaddressed you could be next. What about nearly forty thousand dollars ($40,000.00) of property damage incurred at Pacific Mt. Olive? After interviewing Supt. Joyner, I concluded that he is a genuine committed servant of God. I am not called to “fix the church” but to “pierce the darkness” and hold leadership accountable by communicating in compelling language what a Holiness-Pentecostal church committed to the Kingdom agenda should look like. In Pauline language, “I am put here for the defense of the Gospel.”

  (Bishop C.E. Blake –the following excerpts are from How Long this Madness/ Why I Stood -1999 in defense of Derrick Hutchins in the Orlando case versus the late Presiding Bishop CD. Owens)

“The presiding bishop has not permitted the General Board to exercise the oversight and governance of the church stipulated by the constitution.” Time and time again he makes decisions and implements without consulting with or receiving the approval of the General Board.” –C.E. Blake

“The one responsible for upholding the constitution of the church is the foremost transgressor thereof. The one responsible for providing protection of the various constitutional entities of the church is the greatest threat to their existence and well being.”

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Dr. Lovett’s Response To Dr. Wayne Grudem


September 15, 2016

Dear Wayne,

May I express my gratitude for your cryptic and thoughtful response to my lengthy introduction of this conversation, titled, Dear Trump’s Theologian. Here are my reflections and thoughts on your response. Is your response the Conservative response or a Trump response? Are you elaborating on what you would hope Trump should be stating as Conservatives ideals in contrast to what he is really saying? It appears to be the former.

  1. Gender Views: It is refreshing to know as a Conservative that you are not necessarily influenced by gender in your opposition to Hillary Clinton. That would be anti-biblical since in Christ race, ethnicity and gender are no longer factors in determining our vocation under His Lordship.
  2. Immigration: After citing the oppression of women and gays in several Muslim nations to support Trump’s call to temporarily ban Middle Eastern immigrants from entering the country, LGBT leaders accused him of fear mongering after a massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Trump suggests that there are no gay Muslim immigrants. [Washington Post –Trump Sticking to “us vs. them” in outreach- Blacks Women Pitted Against Migrants– by Jose A. DelReal- Tue. August 30, 2016] It appears that both candidates believe in control of one’s borders. The issue is how ought such control be administered given that America is no longer a “melting pot” but rather a “salad bowl.” In our pluralistic nation one is not forced to be American in order to be accepted or to survive. Open borders with poor control will lead to chaos. Driving every conceivable illegal person out and allowing them to return via new screening criteria may reveal our notions of fairness in a nation conceived in liberty and justice for all. Will a Trump Wall deny people who truly want to improve their lot and live a qualitative life without fear or unnecessary restraints, equal access and opportunity?

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