Welcome to Owensville: Home of the Forty-Seven Percent

(From the 2012 Presidential Debate)

Meet the Mayor of this town, the Reverend William (Bill) Owens, Director of the African-American Alliance of Pastors (CAAP) a group that appears every four years to denounce democrats. This town shares adjoining city limits with Romneyville where the three (3%) of plutocrats live. As a member of the academy I believe in defining term. A plutocracy is a government or state where the wealthy class rules by exercising power and/or influence. Perhaps the Mayor of Owensville doesn’t know that the Mayor of Romneyville threw him and his little town under the bus when he was video-taped live thrashing the forty- seven (47%) at a Romneyville small town hall gathering. Or maybe, it does not matter since he holds his gatherings every four (4) years concurrent with elections. The Mayor may have provided a reference for the Mayor of Romneyville through one of these powerful groups such as the Arlington Group loaded with plutocrats.

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Keeping the Story Straight: A Response to the Marvin McMickle Interview

Dr. Marvin McMickle may I congratulate you on your ascendency to the presidency of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. I read with interest your August interview title These un-united states: A civil rights veteran on politics, power and God, by Tim Louis Macaluso and Mary Anna Towler in the Rochester city paper in Rochester, New York. As a graduate of Crozer Theological Seminary 62’ I am compelled to respond to the post. Dr. McMickle, you discussed a plethora of problems, issues and concerns that affect many of us during these challenging times. Then you leveled a critique of Pentecostal churches with a focus on COGIC in particular, of which I am a member. Please know that I am not averse to criticism of any kind when it is grounded. You ruminated about your journey as a veteran of the Civil Rights era and chided younger persons for their lack of sensitivity for what is happening today. In 1961 during a high point in the Civil Rights era you were approximately twelve (12) years old. You were approximately seventeen (17) years old when you met Dr. King in 1966 in Chicago and nineteen (19) at his demise in 1968. I would be interested to find out more about your arrest with Dr. Abernathy. To fully contextualize your critique would indeed give much more credence to the rest of your amazing journey.

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A Tribute to Bishop Elton A Lawrence

In the words of a renowned poet, “God’s finger touched him, and he slept.” A legacy of sainthood has been bequeathed to us as a result of the transitioning of Bishop Lawrence. In addition to being a spiritual leader, Pastor, Man of God husband and parent of two siblings (Welton and Mae who he loved beyond measure), he was indeed a saint. During the Winter break of 1961 while attending Morehouse College, Bishop Lawrence extended an invitation to me to come minister in Detroit on my journey from Supt T Harris church in Flint on Lippincott Blvd. This was the beginning of a life- long friendship. I was with him when he bought his first Cadillac limousine in 1975. A decade later he invited me to use the first level of his house to rest for a week. He and his wife were consummate host. There I encountered the human side as we went fishing on Lake Michigan with the chairman of his deacon board who admonished me that : “the pastor doesn’t like for anyone to catch a fish before him.” I remarked, “that is his problem.” I caught the first fish while practicing how to cast the reel with no bait. He was one of the most friendliest, unpretentious, loving human being I have ever met. He was the co-efficient of consistency. His example appeared to have been of such that his works will “praise him in the gates.” He was one of a kind.

It was his authentic smile that was so distinguishing. and therapeutic for anyone who needed a lift. He loved his church and was content to shepherd the people of God with a high quality of leadership. I honestly believe he had a non-stop flight to glory on his departure. In the words of Paul the Apostle, “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

My wife, Phyllis Marie and my sons join me in prayer for your family and the People of God. We say Sweet Shalom
Dr. Leonard Lovett


From the Chief Editor

As Chief Editor I want to apologize for a brief interruption and delay that could not be averted. With all the current crises at our doorstep I anticipate an exciting Summer. We are assembling a group of exciting Editorial Writers who will come from various regions to share significant commentary. The Springtime has brought a new birth of wonder in the air. Your comments will be helpful as you talk to us from the public square about the issues that are meaningful and will make a difference. Until then